Every day millions of cars are driving from destination A to B and then to C and back again. We spent in average 1 hour of our time in the car per day. Some people are driving 8.000 kilometres per year and others more than 60.000 kilometres. During driving in a car, we have wishes and needs to make the travel smooth and safe.

To reach this demands you must continuesly improve almost every parts of a car. Thinking of analytical and physical testing, Shimadzu offers you Solutions with several Products able to ensure high quality, precise measurements and important insights to the developement of safer, more efficient, enviromental-friendly, more comfortable vehicles.

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The new GCMS-TQ8050 NX

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Our product lineup

Universal Testing

Fatigue Testing

Hardness Testing /
Viscosity & Flow Testing

Particle Size

High-Speed-Video Camera

Liquid Chromatography

Gas Chromatography

Elemental Analysis

Molecular Spectroscopy

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