Atomic and molecular spectroscopy tools hold a very important place in analytical technologies. They provide great deal of information about structure and forms of material, which is fundamental to any industry. In this Digital classroom learn more about UV, FTIR, ICP platforms and their applications in different industries.

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Web-Seminar Date Web-Seminar Title
Coming Soon Efficient and reliable Water quality monitoring as per EPA 200.7/ 200.8 with Shimadzu ICPAES/ ICPMS
Coming Soon Implementing USP-232/233 (ICH Q3D) Guidelines for Elemental Impurities with ICPAES/ ICPMS
Coming Soon Analysis of AdBlue® (AUS 32) Following ISO 22241-2 Using ICP-AES & FTIR 
Coming Soon Quick and Accurate Spectro Solutions for PPE
Coming Soon Hand Sanitiser Quality Control
Coming Soon Validation of quantitative method for determination of 24 elemental impurities in pharmaceutical products following USP 232/233 on ICPMS-2030

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