• Cannabis testing - Customized solutions meeting latest regulations
  • Rookie of the Year - New benchtop instrument MALDI-8020 complements the portfolio
  • Let's have a party! - 50th anniversary celebration and future perspectives

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""Counting down the days - RoHs II - screening of phthalates in electrical and electronic equipment""


  • Emissions in vehicle interiors - Materials analyzed according to VDA 278 with thermodesorption
  • UV-1900  UV-Vis spectroscopy has never been so fast and easy
  • 50 years of Shimadzu in Europe - Milestones in development and technology

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"Completely pure - TOC analysis for cleaning validation in the pharmaceutical industry"

"SteBLife - a new short-time evaluation procedure for fatigue lifetime calculations of materials,
specimens and components

"Analysis of VOC and SVOC emissions in vehicle interiors"


  • Hot, Hotter, Bombfire Pugency of Currywurst
  • The new Nexera Mikros New micro-flow LC-MS solution high sensitivity, durability and ease-of-use
  • Pop the corks: 50th anniversary of Shimadzu in Europe

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"Hot, Hotter, Bombfire Pugency of Currywurst"

"Guardian in the chemical park TOC process measurement at Leuna Chemical Park, Germany"

"Troubleshooting via YouTube Video tutorials using the new GC generation Nexis GC-2030 as an example"

 "Less than a teaspoon of blood can predict Alzheimer's disease risk

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