i-Series Plus Method Scouting

Find the Best Separation Conditions for Your Sample – Automatically!

The Shimadzu i-Series Method Scouting system makes easy work of optimizing HPLC separations. Painstaking combinations of columns, mobile phases and gradient profiles are applied sequentially to generate comparison results - all while you are doing other things.

  • With a single click, up to 100 combinations of mobile phases, columns, and gradient elution specialized software.
  • The system delivers UHPLC performance (max pressure 66 MPa) for fast analysis.
  • UV detection is built-in, but it is also LCMS compatible.

Quickly Check Analysis Results Immediately When Analysis Is Finished

Data Browser can be used to display multiple chromatograms by simply dragging and dropping multiple sets of acquired data to the window. This enables quick comparison of the analytical results for more efficient decision-making. Using the multi-data report function improves the visibility of data when considering a large number of results. It can be used to compare a large number of conditions based on the same criteria, such as resolution and number of peaks, and then assign values accordingly to determine the optimal conditions. Results for all the conditions considered can be automatically output as an Excel file, which provides powerful support for medium and long-term data management.

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