Surprisingly different

Although chili chocolate is not to everyone’s taste, it cannot be denied that it opens up a whole new world of taste experience. The characteristics of the ingredients complement each other perfectly and shape new flavour accents.

If you are convinced that enthusiasm, added value and mutual advancement evolve when

  • an individual and a company complement each other
  • individuals together with collective knowledge and experience unite to open doors to new solutions

then we are the right company for you.
Shimadzu is a world-leading manufacturer of high-tech analysis systems for product safety and consumer protection. Our laboratory systems detect residues, ingredients and substances in product research and development, as well as in quality control. Medical equipment for diagnostic imaging complements our product range.
Numerous world-premieres and awards demonstrate Shimadzu’s innovative strength.

Our European headquarters is located in Duisburg, a lively and developing city on the Rhine, which is very well connected to the transport network by bus and/or train. Duisburg alone has a lot to offer socially and culturally, but there are also other major cities such as Düsseldorf or Essen in the immediate vicinity, as well as more rural areas such as the lower Rhine area Niederrhein.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH

lab4you: Shimadzu´s student program

We’re looking to support young, enthusiastic scientists with an interesting topic of research, by offering instrument time on the entire range of our state-of-the-art HPLC / UHPLC or SFC to GC, a wide range of spectroscopy equipment (UV, IR, FTIR, ICP ..) as well as MALDI-MS for imaging experiments and Materials Testing & Inspection equipment in the Shimadzu Laboratory World in Duisburg, Germany

Current employment opportunities of Shimadzu Deutschland in Duisburg, Germany

Current Employment Opportunities of Shimadzu Europa in Duisburg, Germany

Current Employment Opportunities of Shimadzu in Norway

Current Employment Opportunities of Shimadzu in Denmark


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