Cannabis - Terpene Profiling


Terpene and terpenoid compounds are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that give cannabis its unique flavor and fragrance. Aside from their aromatic properties, terpenes have advantageous health benefits. They also have a synergistic relationship with cannabinoids, which further enhance the therapeutic effect of THC. Cannabis has over 140 terpene components, many of which are of medicinal interest.

Simplified Cannabis Terpene Profiling using GCMS single quadrupole

Recent proliferation of new terpene profiling methods can be attributed to the ever-increasing state legalization of cannabis use. Due to the uniqueness of terpene profiles, they can be used by cultivators as a “fingerprint” to partially identify the specific strain in question. This application note describes the analysis of several strains of cannabis for 41 terpenes on GCMS with headspace injection.


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