Cannabis – Pesticide Screening

Efficient Analysis of Residual Pesticides in Foods Using High-Sensitivity GC-MS/MS

The GCMS-TQ8050, a high-sensitivity GC-MS/MS, can detect trace ions with high sensitivity, so high quantitative accuracy is obtained even for trace components. Using the high-sensitivity TQ8050, existing lower limits of quantitation can be obtained with small injection volumes. Further, reducing the injection volume lessens the analysis burden on parts such as insert liners, columns, and the ion source, which, in turn, reduces the frequency of maintenance.


Sensitivity & throughput for Residual Pesticides analysis in Cannabis & Hemp by LC-MS/MS

Pesticides are used in commercial cannabis grow operations to kill insects and spiders that thrive on cannabis plants. Pesticides are carcinogenic and mutagenic, causing serious harm to cannabis consumers, especially immuno-compromised medicinal cannabis users. Shimadzu offers the most sensitive and comprehensive pesticide screening and confirmation available utilizing Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS). Offering excellent sensitivity and throughput, the ultra-low detection limits provided by Shimadzu LC-MS make this technique ideal for the analysis of pesticides commonly employed during cannabis cultivation.


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