Autosampler for TOC-L


With the TOC-L series, a variety of options
provides diverse functional enhancements.

Note that not all combinations may be possible.

Select from three vial types with different capacities to suit your application.

Combination of vial capacity and number of vials.

  • 9 mL vials × 93
  • 24 mL vials × 93
  • 40 mL vials × 68

Two types of ASI-L units are available, one for 24 mL vials and the other for 9 mL and 40 mL vials.

Optional magnetic stirrers agitate the sample in the vials to prevent the settling of suspended solids. Magnetic stirrers are installed at the measurement position and subsequent measurement position to thoroughly agitate the samples prior to measurement

(Vials for 24mL and 40 mL are available. If 24 mL vials are used, vials No. 1 to No. 85 of the 93 total vials can be stirred.)

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